Consent to Use Personal Information


1.)    Introduction

Thank you for considering 3Pay Pty Ltd. We recognise the importance of protecting your privacy and we are committed to being clear about your rights and our obligations.  

With this Consent to Collect Personal Information statement, we wish to confirm your acceptance regarding how we obtain, store and use certain personal information. This includes certain bank information you consent we can access and how 3Pay uses your information when with credit agencies.

The following is based on our Privacy Policy ( but we need you to review and accept the following before we start our business relationship.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 00 3PAY (1300 00 3729) during normal office hours or email Thank you.


2.)    Consent to Collect and Use Personal Information

By accepting the following terms and conditions you agree to that 3Pay collects, uses and discloses certain personal information about you. We may collect personal information every time you interact with us.

It is not mandatory for you to provide us with the personal information that we request. However, if you do not do so, it may affect our ability to provide products and services to you.

With your consent, the personal information we collect, we obtain by:

a)       You are submitting this information directly to us, or

b)      3Pay accessing your internet bank information and credit history with credit reporting agencies.

The Personal Information can include key personal information, such as your:

a)       Name, addresses, telephone numbers, email and other electronic identities, and

b)      Key financial information, as in bank account information, assets, expenses, income, revenue, dependents, and financial and business dealing with us or third parties such as service providers, agents, your bank, advisers, brokers, employers or family members.

You consent that we can do the following, as part of providing you with our services:

a)       Access your internet bank information and appoint our third-party service provider as your agent to access your such internet banking information on your behalf solely for the purposes or assessing your credit. You also consent to our ongoing access to this information for the term of the loan and the purposes outlined above.

b)      Seek and use personal credit information about you.

c)       Obtain a credit report from third parties, such as a credit-reporting agency or financial institutions.

d)      Disclose your credit information to third parties, such as a credit-reporting agency. Your information may include some identity particular and facts included in your credit application in addition to whether and how you have honoured your credit commitments to us at any given point in time.

e)      Disclose your personal information to certain third parties as required by law or to organisations involved in providing credit to you. This may include parties that participate in or might fund our business. Also, various third-party service providers, including technology partners and providers that we use to process your applications and deliver our services. Such third-party service providers may be based overseas.

f)        Disclose information about your loan to a relevant business intermediary who introduced you to our business, if any.

g)       Seek and use landlord information.

We use your personal information to confirm your identity, assess your credit, improve our services, manage the relationship with you, for direct marketing of products and collection of our claims.

You have the right to request not to receive direct marketing material by advising us at any time.

The applicable personal information may be disclosed to credit reporting bodies such a:

·       Equifax Australia Information Services and Solutions Pty Limited (Equifax),  –  (please see its privacy policy here:

·       Dun & Bradstreet Consumer Credit Pty Ltd (DBCC) trading as Illion,   –  (please see its privacy policy here:

·       Experian Australia Credit Services Pty Ltd (Experian),  –  (please see its privacy policy here:

·       CreditorWatch Pty Ltd,  –  (please see its privacy policy here:

Your consent applies even if your request is ultimately rejected by 3Pay. If you provide any personal information to us about another person, you confirm that you have the authority of that person to share their information with us and to permit us to hold, use and disclose their information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You must inform them of their rights to access and request correction of their information set out in our Privacy Policy (as updated from time to time).