As in our name, 3Pay, we have the one option of 3 months to pay.  You can however pay us back earlier – no early settlement fees will apply. 

We’ll direct debit your nominated account either weekly or monthly – you choose. 

During our pilot phase we’re charging 3% of the invoice value per month for 3 months. We’re working hard to be able to introduce risk based pricing which will see the fee come down.  The more you use us, the more we get to know you, the better rate our algorithm will give you once we’ve completed our pilot phase.  

New customers are typically started on a $5,000 credit limit, with limit increases based on account conduct.  Limits can be extend to $50,000 over time.

There are no application fee or any account keeping fee. 

Yes, as long as it’s within 60 days of its due date. 

If you selected Weekly payments, then 7 days after we paid your supplier,  if you selected Monthly payments, then 1 month after we paid your supplier. 

To set up an account without a Driver Licence, we’ll need to verify you manually , so please contact us, we can also use your Medicare card or Passport number

We understand that circumstances can change, and things can pop up. Send us an email (support@3pay.com.au) and we’ll see what we can do. 

If you have missed a payment you can manually pay it by contacting us on 1300 003 729 / 1300 00 3PAY) or emailing us at hello@3Pay.com.au and we’ll arrange an alternate payment date of take payment via debit or credit card over the phone.  Late fees may apply. 

A director if it’s a company or the individual if it’s a sole trader.

Your personal detail including you drivers licence number, company details and online banking details.

As long as you’ve been in business for more than 2 years, have annual turnover greater than $100k, are GST registered and have a good credit record. 

We limit the number of days overdue to 60 days for an invoice which we will pay

No, we will automatically load your invoice payment for the due date per the trading terms on your Supplier’s invoice.  You can however request us to pay on an alternate date. 

As many as you want, as long as you don’t exceed your facility limit. 

I you choose the Monthly repayment frequency, then we automatically allocate the fist payment to be direct debited on the same day the following month (or as soon thereafter given weekends, public holidays and days of the month), if weekly then the same day the following week.

Simply email us at hello@3Pay.com.au.

Sure, no early settlement fees apply.

The initial registration is a one off initial sign up. Once completed you can use your facility limit to pay multiple invoices. Your facility limit balance will be based on the original invoice valid and the repayments made to date. 

For example if your facility limit is $10,000 but you have used $5000 to pay an invoice and after one month you have repaid $1,000 of this invoice then your facility balance is $10,000 – $5000 + $1000 = $6000.00 which you can use to pay any other invoice.